Quality – Performance – Value

With over 20 years of building experience applied to every aspect of design and construction, you can rest easy knowing you have purchased the highest quality Shelter for your family to enjoy for decades to come. Our integrated quality control process combined with comprehensive system testing ensures every component is checked and rechecked prior to delivery.  At Earthwright Shelter Company, quality is our priority and you can expect nothing less.

The Easy Shelter

At some point, we all end up needing more space to accommodate our growing families or to pursue recreational and business interests.   Faced with the challenging and expensive process of obtaining building permits and hiring qualified trades to undertake a renovation or addition, many of us continue to simply make due with the space we have or rent additional space away from home.  But what if there was a better way?   Now there is!

Introducing the Easy Shelter.  

  • Does not require a building permit to place on your property.
  • Costs significantly less than an addition.
  • Chose between Modern and Craftsman styles, then customize your colours and finishes.
  • Built in our shop and delivered to site, saves you from the noise and mess of construction.
  • Inspected and labeled electrical system allows you to relocate your Easy Shelter while remaining safe and electrical code compliant.
  • Requires a 30A RV outlet, costing as little as $500 to have installed by a licence electrician.
  • No ground prep required, can be placed anywhere.
  • You can take it with you when you move, or sell it and have it delivered to the new owners.
  • Built like a house, the Easy Shelter performs like a house, providing safe and comfortable shelter for decades to come.

1 Year Comprehensive Warranty

All of our products are covered by our 1 year comprehensive warranty.   Any design or workmanship deficiencies will be remediated at no cost to the customer.  Materials and components with manufacturers warranties are registered so in the event of failure they can be easily replaced.   Our 20 year commitment to quality has built our reputation of excellence and integrity, and we guarantee it!

Tiny House on Wheels

Nomad Rolling Shelter

For applications requiring the full complement of residential amenities, while also being completely mobile, Tiny Homes are the ultimate solution. Built on Transport Canada approved trailers and inspected to meet BC Building code structural and thermal performance requirements, inspected and permitted electrical, engineered with sealed drawings, our production and custom Tiny Homes offer a high quality option for minimalist applications. From 24ft to 36ft, with a wide variety of layouts and finishes, we can craft the Tiny Home of your dreams on time and on budget.

Our Price Guarantee

With 20 years of business experience, we know how important it is to not go over budget, and for that reason we offer a Price Guarantee.  Once we have worked together to confirm your design, materials and features we will provide a fixed-price quote.   This means the price we quote when you place your order, will be the price you pay when it is delivered and installed, guaranteed.

Custom Projects

Our fully equipped production facility, skilled trades and partner business can provide comprehensive services for a wide variety of custom projects. From Coach Bus conversions, RV and Trailer upgrades and boat interiors, to custom millwork, timber frames, built-in and display cabinets and storage solutions, we can complete your custom private or commercial projects in shop and deliver to site.

Stoked Bus Earthwright Custom Project