• From our family to yours.

    Earthwright Shelter Company is the culmination of 20+ years of passionate and dedicated residential and commercial building and design. From complete renovations to new home construction, Blake Richards’ extensive knowledge and commitment to quality has consistently produced beautiful buildings and satisfied customers.

    As the cost of housing has continued to outpace incomes, our primary focus is to deliver high-quality and affordable housing options to individuals, families and communities seeking financially and environmentally sustainable, healthy homes.

    Our family experience of building and living in a small home (700sqft) has solidified our dedication to providing the same joy and freedom to our clients that we have found in building small and living big.

Let's Connect at Earthwright Shelter Company and build your next tiny home.

What we do.

Quality. Performance. Value.

Made in Revelstoke.

Earthwright Shelter Company is a shop-based manufacturing operation. All of our products are built in our climate controlled facility, utilizing high quality materials, comprehensive quality control methods and employing skilled and dedicated tradespeople.

Fast delivery.

Our in-house design and build process ensures client performance and budget demands are consistently met, while eliminating costly and disruptive on-site logistics and scheduling complications. All of the mess and noise of construction is contained at our facility, with minimal on-site operations required to deliver and install our products.

Micro Dwellings.

Offering a wide variety of shelter designs, from 50sqft to 700sqft, our line of ready-to-go products with customizable options provide high-value solutions to a comprehensive set of applications.

Custom designs.

For those who require fully custom one-off design and builds, we can take you through the process from concept to completion on time and on budget.